11 Holiday Must-Haves for Little Ones ♥

As you know, I recently took Baby A on holiday to Egypt and we had a fabulous time! When travelling with kids you feel like you have to take their whole bedroom along with a couple of extra suitcases ‘just in case’ but I have realised as long as you have the right stuff, it can be possible to travel almost light. So, as promised here is my holiday  must-haves for kids, based on my 3 year old girl and going to a hot country ♥

Holiday Must-Haves for Little Girls
  1. Swimsuits – I would say at least two so one can dry while they are wearing the other. Monsoon have some gorgeous swimwear this season, one of my favourite pieces is the ruffle floral bikini
  2. Beach Cover Up –  this was a great buy and Baby A just looked so adorable! The ‘cuddle dress’ as we named it was perfect for when they come out of the pool and are all cold and just need a warm cuddle or for lunch breaks and walks around the resort. Monsoon have some gorgeous ‘cuddle dresses’ this season, they are so cosy and warm but still cool enough to bear the heat.
  3. Sun Hat –  this is a must as soon as it gets to Summer, even in the UK when little ones are exposed to the heat. I am very obviously loving Monsoon and Accessorize this season and I am especially loving the adorable and trendy straw hats.
  4. Lightweight knitwear –  for the breezy evenings and I love bright colours for holiday.
  5. Toys –  taking a few home comforts such as their toys can make all the difference. Waking up with their toys around them makes them feel comfortable and a bit more at home. In our case, we had to take the jellycat bunny everywhere plus a spare! For the plane, colouring and reading books were a saviour as well as a portable DVD player and Cinderella!
  6. Sun Cream –  this is an obvious one but an essential so I couldn’t leave it off the list as well as after sun and aloe vera gel to soothe any sensitive heat rash. I always insist on insect repellant, a few plasters and Calpol while we’re talking first-aid.
  7. Arm bands – I always like to be on the safe side, even if they are confident swimmers and if they’re not the arm bands give them that confidence in the water.
  8. Sunglasses – another obvious one and little girls love to copy their mummies!If they are protecting their eyes at the same time, it’s a bonus!
  9. Hand Sanitiser – I carry this is my handbag all the time anyway as we all now how grubby little hands get before and after meal times. In hot countries, sanitising hands needs to be a must every so often especially before meal times. I also take wet wipes, a pack for the hotel bathroom and smaller packs to carry around in my beach/pool bag and handbag. It’s something I have never come to regret!
  10. Travel toilet seat – I wasn’t sure this was absolutely neccesary when I first bought this but I am so glad I did! There are quite a few options around but I love the Potette Potty from Jojo Maman Bebe, it folds down so well that it hardly takes up any space, it also has a potty option with disposable liners if there are no toilets around. I kept it in the hotel bathroom so I could carry on doing whatever I needed to do while Baby A sat on the toilet without the fear of falling in!
  11. Statement shoes – I love the jewelled sandals I got from Monsoon for Baby A, they were so comfortable and she called them her ‘holiday party shoes’ as they were a bit too precious to wear around the pool and not the easiest to slip on and off which I liked, but not during the day and on the beach. For the day, I did have to look very hard to find pretty flip-flops with a supportive back strap but finally managed to find some in Next…for anyone that has been on the hunt for the same.
In her Monsoon 'cuddle dess'
In her Monsoon ‘cuddle dress’

So there’s my holiday must-haves for kids, especially little girls. I know there is a lot more you need like clothes, snacks and daily routine things so feel free to comment below and add to the list or share your amazing finds!

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