Argentum La Potion Infinie Review ♥

Argentum La Potion Infinie Review ♥

I have been exploring my inner beauty, using the new cult beauty moisturiser, Argentum La Potion Infinie. This remarkable product has the patented formula of Silver Hydrsol & DNA HP, meaning it with the silver it has magical like healing power and works with your skin’s DNA to promote cell regeneration. First, let me talk you through the luxurious and versatile packaging. The product is stored and presented in a black jar, which blocks out impurites and anything that could damage the product over time, each jar also has it’s own serial number. The black jar is then presented in a protective black box and one of twelve archetype cards inviting you to draw energy from the imagery. My card was the ‘Explorer’ card which comes with the meaning – ‘a daring and adventurous soul that would capture the essence of Argentum with art and illustrations. His talent and flair urge him to discover ways of sharing his quest for authenticity, never losing site of his True North’

Argentum La Potion Infinie Review ♥

The product itself has a very creamy, but lightweight and almost airy texture which also feels like a water-based substance…yes it really is all those things at once! As soon as I applied it to my skin (after a patch test on my neckline) it felt like it was tightening and stretching my skin but in a good way. As it is water-based, it spreads well on the skin and a little amount does go a long way which is great considering the price! I have been using it for about a month now and more so as an eye – cream at night (to make the product last longer!) I do feel like my under eyes wrinkles look like they are more filled, meaning a smoother finish for my under eye concealer. Just before I started using this product, I was having some ridiculous breakouts which seems to have calmed down. I can’t say whether this is down to solely la potion infinie or because I have been using face masks and trying out a new facial cleanser (review to come!) I can say though, when I have had the odd spot it seems to clear a lot quicker than usual which is a good sign. My skin definitely feels a lot more hydrated and I love the matte finish it leaves on my skin, almost acting as a primer for make-up.

The trademark scent has been developed by Delphine Thierry who specialises in using natural ingredients, it does have a perfume like scent with a strong hint of herbs and musk but not too feminine at all. La Potion Infinie is in collaboration with Argentum bringing the brand Argentum Apothecary and illustrations from la maison.

You can buy this remarkable moisturiser, which is completely unisex from Net-a-Porter for £147 ♥


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