Baby Style – product raves ♥

Being a busy mum, I am always on the look out for useful products to help my little one sleep (then stay asleep), stay happy (avoiding those public tantrums), encourage her to eat well, play well and generally anything that makes life a little bit easier for us mums on the go.

So every now and then I come across some brilliant ‘I don’t know how I survived without this’ products that fits perfectly into the lifestyle of a style savvy parent.

As us mums are busy and don’t usually have time, I’ll keep it short and get straight to the point ♥

  1. Cocooi by Merino Kids, perfect for settling newborns and helping them to stay asleep for longer. Plus look how cute and cosy they look! This is a perfect gift for new babies up to three months.
  2. Aqueduck, great for any toddler on their triumph to independence. It fits snuggly onto your bathroom tap, extending the water flow leaving your back free from the strain of lifting them to the tap while trying to control the water temperature!
  3. The Ella’s Kitchen vending machine is not an item you can buy and stick in your kitchen, although I wish it was! However, it will encourage your little ones to eat healthy snacks and won’t make walking past a vending machine such a dreaded nightmare (if you’re walking past this particular vending machine that is). They will soon turn up at some of the best toddler hotspots at just the right height for them to dispense their own snacks.
  4. With her hectic social life and different outfit for every event my 4 year old niece still wants to add to the glamour and paint her nails to match her outfit. Safe-nails, have wash off and toxic free polishes so no more getting in trouble for painted nails at school and worries about those terrible chemicals in nail varnish
  5. Another perfect gift for new mums on the go or anyone with a baby that just won’t sleep when you are out Christmas shopping, lunching or power walking in the park. This Outlook sleep pod is a universal blackout blind that fits all car seats, strollers and buggies. With a viewing panel so you can see your little angel at ease and control the airflow for their comfort ♥

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