Beauty Style ♥ July Beauty Favourites

Yes it’s August already and we are well into a proper Summer! So let’s get straight to my top beauty products for July ♥

Beauty Style ♥ July Beauty Favourites

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have picked up a few hints on my favourites this month as I do love to share! Starting with the newest product for me, you may remember my review on a few scrumptious Soap & Glory products a couple of weeks back. Well I still feel the need to express my love for the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream! It smells amazing and I love how the subtle scent lasts on my skin. My skin has been super smooth the last month and I still have more than half the tub left ♥

I love mac lipsticks, they are long-lasting and don’t dry out your lips, most importantly they are what have made mac famous! As I have mentioned many times, brave is my everyday colour, I love it and it is perfect for every occasion. I did go to the mac store to stock up on some more brave but it was sold out! You can imagine my dilemma here ladies, I then decided to actually be ‘brave’ and choose another shade (I generally don’t take to change well) I came across another pink tone called ‘faux’. Amazing! It has a beautiful satin finish and is slightly more nude looking than brave which I love! Now, believe it or not faux comes out with me everyday ♥

For everyday use, I don’t like to wear foundation, it’s good to give your skin a break but obviously a little coverage or oomph is needed. Benefit’s yourebel tinted moisturiser is perfect to give that extra glow to every day skin with the added benefit (living up to their name!) of SPF. It also has aloe vera, vitamins A and E giving your skin an extra boost! It is so easy to blend into your skin and it comes in two shades. Two shades is enough for this product as it blends in so well with any skin tone. Warning…be careful not to get this in your eyes as it stings and your eyes will water throughout your night out!

Beauty Style ♥ July Beauty Favourites

Lately, I’ll agree it has been too hot for styling your hair with heated appliances but at the same time we need to tame our hair in the humidity. I love how lightweight these straighteners are and how smoothly they glide down my hair without any friction or pulling. They get very hot very quickly for speedy results and have a temperature control, since I got these there are now newer versions which I am told are even better. The titanium in them give hair that extra shine and because they are so lightweight it is so easy to create curls, beach waves and flicks for different looks. After using Corioliss, I have never been a huge fan of GHD as I find their straighteners too clunky and heavy. The pretty and trendy designs make these straighteners all the more desirable for me ♥

My final product for this month has become an essential tool in my everyday make up kit, it’s the Sigma F05 contour brush. Perfect for contouring your cheekbones, just under the chin and sides of your nose (if you need it!) It is the perfect tool and I love it! I also use it for highlighting just above my cheeks and bridge of my nose as I haven’t got round to getting their highltighting brush just yet. The fibres are so soft and I have discovered that yes it is neccessary to have separate brushes for blush, powder and contouring ♥


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