Beauty UK’s Prime FX Range Review ♥

Beauty UK have just launched their brand new prime FX range, which includes a great foundation and eye shadow primer! After my last review for Beauty UK I was more than happy to do another product review for them.

Beauty UK's Prime FX Range Review ♥

First up, I love the packaging it looks elegant, chic and perfectly classic. The Prime FX foundation primer is clear, lightweight and fragrance free. It effortlessly glides onto your face to even your complexion creating a perfect canvas for foundation. I always apply primer after moisturiser and allow it to set for a couple of minutes so it doesn’t get mixed in with my foundation or tinted moisturiser. I use my fingers to apply primer as I love to feel how instantly smooth it makes my skin. Many cheap or not so good primers cause your make-up to slip off but with this primer my make-up went straight on with ease. I was really pleased with the results for a product which is under £5! After 4-5 hours I did notice my make-up seemed to come to the surface of my skin which doesn’t normally happen but as a quick fix for a few hours this primer does the job and is definitely my favourite from the two.

I am always looking for the perfect eye primer, as I love experimenting with vibrant colours. I love the applicator so there’s no messy fingers and allows for accurate application. The product itself is very lightweight, I am used to thicker more paste like primers. It is a very light shade and I was worried it would be too light for my skin tone but once my eye shadow was applied it was fine. The primer did take a few minutes to dry enough for me to apply eye shadow, it did instantly bring out the colour in my eye shadow shades which was great! Again, after a around 4-5 hours my eye make-up looked like I had’t bothered blending it in the morning but there were no creases which is great!

Overall, for the these primers are worth a try, for the price you cannot go wrong. Maybe a little London Fashion Week treat? ♥

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