BIG Hair Volume that Lasts All Night ♥

You know that feeling when you’ve spent a good amount of time backcombing your hair and it looks good! However, by the time you have put your shoes on, touched up your lippy and look in your car mirror your hair is flat again. Or maybe your hair lasts until you start dancing and then…flat! Either way I have an easy, simple and cheap solution and it doesn’t involve using anyone else’s hair except yours!

See my quick tutorial on how to get BIG hair volume that lasts in minutes ♥

All you need is a teasing comb and I have used the simplest one from any drugstore or supermarket, a good hairspray and I love Backcomb in a Bottle, a few hair clips and off course the Boost – It which you can get from Claire’s or Accessorize. The Boost-it comes in two colourways, for lighter and darker hair shades and as you can see from the video they are so easy to use!

Quick Cheat to get BIG Volume ♥ Big Hair Don't Care

When you are styling with freshly washed hair it is always easier if you use a texturising spray so any hair clips or grips you are using have some texture to grip on to, mean your hair style will hold better. The boost-it is easy on your hair and scalp, there is nothing to dig into to your scalp and it doesn’t pull your hair out when you remove it. Infact, it is cushioned so it you did have a heavy night and fall asleep with it in (this obviously does not happen!) it would actually be comfortable!

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