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After raving about the Skinbreeze serum last week I thought it was only right that I get booked in for the full Skinbreeze facial. This treatment offers five different technologies that dramatically improve the skin’s condition, obviously I had to give this a try. Especially as this treatment seems to be the must-have skin treatment for celebrities such as Binky Felstead, Luisa Zissman and Roxanne Palette.

Roxanne Palette enjoying a Skinbreeze facial
Roxanne Palette enjoying a Skinbreeze facial

I was booked into the Premier Laser & Skin Clinic on Shaftesbury Avenue. Starting off with a microdermabrasion treatment which the therapist warned be may be ‘uncomfortable,’ now there’s a word that takes me back to the pain of the labour room, but I assure you there is no such discomfort. I mean you may not be able to fall asleep as this part is quite bumpy, especially around your nose and forehead but do not be put off by that word ‘uncomfortable’. This process removes dead skin cells and really gives your skin a deep exfoliation. The LED Light therapy then boosts collagen, calms the skin and neutralises bacteria, the therapist was able to detect my troubled patches and where I am most likely to breakout.

Next is the O² spray and O² infusion which calms irritated skin and hydrates deep into your skin through absorption along with stimulating new cell growth and reducing the signs of ageing. This part does feel cold on your face but is very soothing. The therapist will concentrate more on the problem areas that may have been highlighted through the light therapy. The O³ Ozone therapy gives your skin a tightening effect which increases blood circulation and treats any acne. To relieve the tightening effect the treatment if finished with the Skinbreeze serum to suit your skin and the amazing Hydro mask which I talked about in my February favourites (you can see this on in the image above.)

Immediately after the treatment your skin looks brighter, feels super hydrated and smooth. This feeling does last for a few days, however I did have a tiny bit of dryness of my nose and forehead the next day. This was soon gone by keeping the Skinbreeze serum in my beauty regime. I would highly recommend this treatment to prepare your skin for holiday ♥

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