Festival Beauty with Boots ♥

Recently, I received an exciting box full of festival beauty goodies including Bourjois and Sensationail (if you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen my story.) Bourjois is a drugstore brand that so many of us are familiar with and of course the gorgeous chocolate bar bronzer is a favourite of mine. It smells […]

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Review ♥

If you did not know already I am obsessed with matte lipsticks and at the moment I am particularly obsessed with liquid lipsticks, that are of course matte. It seems though, that I am not the only one. The world of beauty seems to have gone mad for liquid lipsticks, so many brands are launching […]

Summertime with SEVENTEEN ♥

I have a few new summer products from SEVENTEEN to share with you and firstly I know what yo are thinking, wow to the packaging! These are the summer compacts and I love the packaging which is a play on beauty quotes. Starting with my favourite compact which is the Define & Contour palette, when […]

Lottie London Brushes ♥

As you all probably know by now, I am a huge make-up brush addict! I use brushes for everything, I don’t like getting my hands dirty (must be the inner Princess in me) and I just love the finish a brush gives. I don’t exactly love washing make-up brushes but Baby A does, so it’s […]


As it’s the season for bargains, I thought I would take the plunge and I have a sale of my own. Bringing you my first ever blog sale! This is by all means not a bunch of rubbish I no longer want, it is beauty things that I either have doubles and some maybe even […]

Handbag Essentials by Bagsy ♥

If you have watched my What’s in my Handbag video, you will know that I do carry quite a few beauty essentials around with me ‘just in case’ of a beauty emergency. I do however prefer to travel light and look for compact items that are perfectly handbag sized so you can imagine my excitement […]

Products You Don’t Need to Splurge on

You may have seen my recent post on products that are worth the splurge and when doing that post it got me thinking about products you don’t have to splurge on. Obviously it is nice to indulge in luxury beauty products but there are a lot of drugstore products I use on a daily basis […]

My Top Five Nude Lipsticks ♥

I absolutely love a nude lipstick, I think most people do right? There is something so sexy about nude lipsticks and they are so versatile, that’s what I am instantly attracted to on make-up counters. When it comes to lipstick in general I am a matte lip girl through and through and I like a […]

Instant Manicure with XpressON ♥

Let’s talk nails and manicures today, so here’s a little fact about me you may not have known, I used to wear acrylic nails for a good seven years non stop (the shame!) People used to tell me how damaging they were for my nails but I used to say my nails simply did not […]

My Top Five Red Lipsticks ♥

Red lips are classic and so sexy, I love rocking a powerful red lip every now and then. Matte red lips are a huge trend this season, which is just as well because I am definitely a matte lip girl. I prefer deep reds and true pillar box reds which are not too orange. I […]

Maybelline’s #BestFaceForward Collection

Last week I went to Maybelline’s #BestFaceForward event, where they were showcasing their new launches for Spring Summer. There was a couple of products that caught my attention straight away (erm new setting spray anyone??) I am definitely a huge fan of setting sprays so I was very excited to see this! I have been […]

NEW SEVENTEEN Long Lash Review ♥

  After the amazing SEVENTEEN HD Falsifeye mascara I wouldn’t want to be a new SEVENTEEN mascara to launch, I mean it has so much to live up to. Saying that when I heard there was a new mascara from SEVENTEEN I was very excited as I knew instantly it would be great! The new […]

My French Connection Sale Picks ♥

Here’s a little fun fact about me, I used to be a buyer for French Connection. So it’s true, I do hold a soft spot for the brand as most would after having worked there for so long but also I do admire the collections they have. Not every single collection but I do love […]