Christmas in a Window

Regent Street Lights
Regent Street Lights

Feeling all festive but too cold to go out and get your Christmas shopping done? Therefore, doing it all online and missing out on seeing the amazing Christmas windows this year! With the excitement of the Harrod’s Disney Princess windows and Topshop’s video of Kate Bosworth, other retailers have almost been forgotten.

Harvey Nichols Eastern Promise definitely should not be missed. With mannequins dressed as Geishas and Harajuku teens and splashes of neon coloured lights, this is a window display definitely deserves a mention. The Selfridges windows  recreate scenes from the 2012 campaign by Bruce Weber, with miniature ponies and a giant Selfridges gingerbread house. Apart from the Harrod’s Disney inspired windows one of my personal favourites has to be the Tiffany & Co’s Christmas proposal window, so simple but that little green box makes all the difference ♥

So click through the gallery to see some of London’s greatest Christmas displays to mark a memorable 2012 ♥

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