Concealer Focus ♥ How to Apply Concealer

Concealer Focus ♥ How to Apply Concealer
As you know, concealer is a must-have product for me when it comes to makeup. I went into quite a lot of detail about what I look for in a concealer and what my favourite concealers are in one of my latest posts which you can see here.
This post is how to apply concealer. Obviously everyone has their own way which works for them and it also really depends on which concealer you are using. Generally though this is how I apply concealer, including some tips I have learnt from makeup artists along the way.
I mainly use concealer under my eyes to brighten my complexion and to hide the dark circles (when I’ve had lack of sleep!) Under my eyes can tend to get quite dry so I always make sure this area as well as the rest of my skin is well moisturised. I then add a peachy colour corrector to counteract any darkness. I love using the Kryolan colour corrector pen which blends so well. I used the tiniest amount and really blend. Make Up Forever, Vichy and Urban Decay all do some great colour correctors too.
I then take my concealer and dot on with the applicator not taking too much product so it doesn’t look too heavy. I use a beauty blender to blend under my eyes, extending out into an upside down triangle. You can see the full tutorial in my video. The key thing for me is to blend, blend and blend. Also a top tip which I saw on a Wayne Goss video ‘whatever you blend extends’ so you don’t need as much product as you think. I like to set with a little powder but like I say in the video this could change! I hope you enjoy the video and get some helpful tips on how to apply concealer.

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