Cosmo Blog Awards Finalist ♥

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So…you may have heard that Secret Style File has been shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards!!!!! This is very exciting news and I have a huge THANK YOU to everyone that nominated Secret Style File in the first place.

This blog has been shortlisted in the Best Social Media blog category which I am very grateful for indeed. I am now shamelessly pleading for you all to vote for Secret Style File by following this link—> vote here  ♥ Just by voting you can discover so many amazing blogs to read from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and relationship blogs. Voting closes on the 29th of August so there is just two weeks left to vote! If you have already voted thank you so much, but please keep spreading the word to get me more votes.

Cosmo Blog Awards

As I have been voted for best Social Media Blog, please be sure to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You can click-through on any of the social links in the top right hand corner also. Now a few people have asked me how the voting works so I have listed the steps below to help you out, I’m just nice like that ♥

  1. Follow this link to take you to the voting page
  2. Scroll down to the first set of multiple choice options which lets you vote for the Best Established Beauty Blog, you can either select a blog or click ‘Next’ to take you to the next category.
  3. Choose your option for each category or simply click ‘next’ until you get to the last section which is 10…sorry!
  4. When you get to the Best Social Media Blog category please select Secret Style File and then click ‘next’
  5. Be sure to click Next once you have selected your vote, this then takes you to the last page
  6. Enter your name and email address and click on submit, this counts your vote (you will not get spammed I promise)
  7. Your vote is only counted and submitted if you go to the final page and click the submit button
  8. You do not get an email to confirm your vote so be sure to get to the final page
  9. Do a little dance and accept my huge THANK YOU ♥

There may be nine points but it literally takes no longer than 2 minutes so please please vote for me, I have no idea who votes for me and who doesn’t so if you’re more of a secret admirer of the blog…you can still go ahead and vote now! Please share this post and comment below if you have voted so I can thank you ♥

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