Deep Festive Purple for Asiana Colour Series

My Colour Series for continues and the colour of choice this time is purple. Purple is a rich shade which is lovely to wear in the winter months especially with a bit of festive sparkle. It’s not a colour I used to pick out often but lately I have been loving it, due to the odd NARS shade or two. So, here it is my purple make-up tutorial for the Asiana Colour Series…

It’s that wonderful time of the year, and it’s time to get festive! The perfect look that will not only go with your Christmas jumper, but also with your glitz New Year’s sparkly number, is a deep purple smoky eye, which is sure to wow your mates, colleagues and fellow party people. As always, our guest beauty blogger Trusha of Secret Style File is here to help you master the look and get you into the festive spirit with her video tutorial and tips… read more 

You can see a full step by step guide along with the products I have used over on

Deep Festive Purple for Asiana Colour Series

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