Discovering Natural Beauty ♥ The Vita Bella Way

Natural beauty comes from within and that it true, deep within olives groves and aloe vera fields in Puglia, Italy.

Discovering Natural Beauty ♥ The Vita Bella Way

The Spa Treatment in a Box by Vita Bella is exactly what it is! Packaged beautifully in a compact green box you get the Hydrating Face Mask and Vita Bella Face Cream. The mask is not like your generic mask, but extremely easy to use.

Discovering Natural Beauty ♥ The Vita Bella Way

Using the small pot provided that the mask comes in, you simply pour over the Hydrating complex and the soft fabric mask will absorb the liquid straight away. You then unfold the moist wet fabric and place over your face, with cut out eye sockets, mouth and nose it is very easy to apply. The mask is not sticky at all but the moist will help it stick to your face, you do not feel your face hardening in any way like with a lot of other face masks. The scent of the hydrating complex smells quite floral yet sweet, it’s such a lovely fragrance. Just 10 minutes later you can remove the mask and your skin feels like you have just poured a glass of water onto your skin without it dripping off. I could instantly feel and see a difference and 3-4 days later my skin still looks dewy but not greasy, giving me a healthy glow.

The face cream also has a lovely scent and compliments the mask well, it is a non-greasy formula which absorbs quickly into the skin. With all the right oils (which are great for your skin) and aloe vera gel which I love, it is a gorgeous anti-ageing cream which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

For me, this is one of those products that can be used all year round as it is so hydrating in the winter but also gives you that healthy summer glow ♥

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