Eyeshadow Primer ♥ my favourites

My Favourite Eyeshadow Primers ♥

If you didn’t already know, I am obsessed with all sorts of primer and eyeshadow primer is definitely a favourite! I feel like a broken record saying it, but for the benefit of those who haven’t seen or heard me say it before… eyeshadow primer will help your eyeshadow to really last and show the true colour of your eyeshadow.

My Favourite Eyeshadow Primers ♥

I have a few favourite eyeshadow primers which will to help your eyeshadow last and last ♥

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My Favourite Eyeshadow Primers ♥

Products Mentioned

MAC paint pot in soft ochre – this has been in so many of my Youtube videos, I love this shade in particular as it is warm and so neutral. These blend really well and I love the texture, the only flaw I have is the application, you need to use a brush or get your fingers dirty. These pots last for such a long time though, I have had paint pots last for two years with me using them every day!
*Smashbox lid primer – this is the newest one I have and I love it! It has been able to make my eyeshadow full withstand the UK heatwave with no creasing once my face gets a bit sweaty. I love the neutral shade and the easy application, it also blends so well and evenly.
*Urban Decay primer potion – with the intense eyeshadows Urban Decay have they just had to have a good eyeshadow primer right? I love the lightweight formula and how easily this blends, it has a gorgeous texture.
Too Faced Glitter insurance – I have recommended this to so many people when they ask me how I get my glitter to stay put and look so sparkly. I love that you can apply this on top of eyeshadow and then apply glitter on top, the glitter immediately sticks to your eyes and looks amazing! You also do not need to use a lot of this, just a small amount will suffice.
*Smashbox Under Eye primer – I mentioned this in a recent favourites video and I still cannot believe I went for so long with out it. It is not an eyeshadow primer as such but still a must have primer for the eye area. If you have dark circles around your eyes or fine lines, say hello to your new best friend. This primer hydrates your under eye area and illuminates the area too, it is a game changer!

My Favourite Eyeshadow Primers ♥

Do you use eye shadow primer? Which ones are your favourite? Please comment below and let me know if I am missing any gam changers! Please be sure to follow me on Instagram (where most of my product review are now) and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog. Also be sure to subscribe to the blog here, so you are the first to know about new posts ♥

My Favourite Eyeshadow Primers ♥

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  1. I use the Urban Decay primer potion every single day, but I’m always on the lookout for new primers! I like it in that … it’s okay … but I don’t think it’s AMAZING, if you know what I mean. So, i’ll definitely be looking into the others you’ve written about here!

    xo Jaime

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