Get Toned with this Dynamic Duo!

If you have a super busy lifestyle like everyone seems to these days or if you’re a busy mum on the go, who doesn’t have the time to sleep, eat or think, let alone get beach ready then this is the workout for you!

Get Toned with this Dynamic Duo!

Ok, when I say workout I actually mean some world-class skincare products. Allow me to introduce the Dynamic Duo by the world leader in oxygen skincare, Karin Herzog.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying Silhouette and Tonus together as they have been created to work as a team. Silhouette has 4% active oxygen which tightens unsightly cellulite by increasing circulation where applied. It actually helps to break down fatty deposits while you run around, carrying on with your busy life. Smoother skin is visible after just a couple of days and if you miss a couple of days the skin still stays smooth. If you do get time to think about what you eat and exercise, results are much quicker so it you can get beach ready in just two weeks!

Celebrity Karin Herzog Fans - Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambrige and Uma Therman
Celebrity Karin Herzog Fans – Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambrige and Uma Therman

Tonus is packed with B12 and avocado oils which help you tone (after the Silhouette has broken down the fatty deposits) it tightens the skin and reduces water retention in those tired busy legs. Even if you are too busy to stop, Tonus will keep your skin toned and firm with it’s anti-fatigue properties. For me personally, the only downside is having to wait 3-4 minutes (naked!) while silhouette sinks into your skin…it just seems like a long time for me when I am rushing to get ready but other than that I love this ‘Dynamic Duo’ and think it is a must-have for every mum on the go who feels they need a little help toning up ♥

Over the last few weeks, I have definitely noticed a difference and the odd week when I have been working out three times a week the difference is a lot more significant. So this is the way forward! If yummy mummies Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambrige and Uma Therman are loving this duo then it is definitely worth a try!

You can buy these two individually or as a pack from the Karin Herzog website, Space NK or lookfantastic.

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