Givenchy Prism Libre Glow Foundation ✨

Introducing the Givenchy Prism Libre foundation! You can watch my IGTV video here to see the instant glow in less than a pump! This is a hybrid foundation which contains 90% skincare ingredients so you’re getting the skincare benefits as well as glow and light coverage, meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing it every day. The glow lasts for 12 hours and your skin stays hydrated for 24 hours! So over time your skin improves and looks amazing ✨

Honestly, this product is so lovely! I’m using the shade 4W307 which is a perfect match, the Givenchy beauty team did a great job shade matching without ever meeting me! There are 30 shades and Le Studio offers a free consultation to talk to the Givenchy beauty experts and find your shades.

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