Glamour of the 50s ❤

True Style, Glitz and Glamour started in the 1950s. With style icons like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe but to name a few. They all take your breath away at first glance.

Almost every season there are designers, celebrities and artists who are inspired by the sex appeal of the 50s. Retro styling, polka dots, full skirts, big glamorous hair and a full on red pout is what it is all about. Modern day celebs such as Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry have mastered the art of 50s glamour and make up.

This season MAC cosmetics have created a new make up range inspired by the glamour of the 50s, especially that of Marilyn Monroe. The range has 29 pieces including red velvet lipsticks, dazzling eyeshadows, shimmering nail lacquers and liquid eyeliner for the ultimate 50s flick. My favourite thing about the 50s look is the show stopping eyelashes and dewy skin glow. This 50s inspired range has the products to create this exact look! I would definitely recommend the falselashes black mascara and the dazzleglass lipgloss…❤ The packaging with Marylyn Monroe’s signature makes this range irresistible for your dressing table.

All items plus some website exclusives are available at
Plus you can download some very stylish wallpaper images.

Elsewhere, celebrating vintage glamour is the Rook & Raven Gallery in Soho showcasing it’s Vintage Vogue Exhibition, showing artwork by solo artist James Mylne. Unbelievably he creates artwork using simple BIC biros and is now seen as a world leader in art.

The V&A museum have also opened the doors to their Hollywood Costume Exhibition. Without a doubt costumes from some great classics from the 1950s will definitely take centre stage. I for one cannot wait to go. So my friends, watch this space….


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