How Much is My Face Worth?

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How much is my face worth? Well, last year I shared a post sharing some figures with you on how much us women spend on beauty, apparently the average British woman spends £100,000 on cosmetics in a lifetime. I often do hair and make-up for clients for either weddings or special occasions, people are always stunned by quotes they are given by professional make-up artists. I always explain that apart from the expertise and knowledge of a make-up artist they are also paying for all the products that are used on them.

How Much is My Face Worth?

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Although £100,000 in a lifetime may seem like a lot I thought I would whittle it down to one single day and work out how much is my face worth? Now, I have not had any cosmetic surgery so that cuts down on a lot of costs. I do get my eyebrows done every two weeks for £5 but that is not daily so let’s leave out that cost.

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Starting with my morning routine from cleansing right to the spritz of my setting spray I am going to list every thing I use on my face on a daily basis, obviously the exact product will change but this gives us the general idea (I’m also keen to know how much my face is worth!)

3-step Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise – £51, this is actually done twice a day

Face Serum  – £13.30

Primer before any make-up – £26

Tinted Moisturiser/BB Cream/Foundation – £30 – 36

Eyebrows – £16.50

Eye Primer – £16

Eyeshadow – £36 (this changes daily but I tend to use a couple of shades from a palette so I have used the palette price)

Eyeliner – £15

Concealer  – £17.50 – 25

Setting Powder – £8  – 22

Contour – £6.49 – 39

Mascara  – £6.99 – 18

Blush  – £16 – 23

Highlight – £16

Lip Balm – £1.49

Lips – £10 – 24

Setting Spray – £8

Total  is between £294.27 – 386.29 a day.


Wow! So I am using almost £300 worth of product of my face daily and if I am going out then it goes up by almost another £100! Well people, that explains why I don’t cry, what a waste of make-up that would be. How much do you think your face is worth? Why don’t you have a go at this exercise and then comment below so we can compare. I am sure that even people who are not as make-up obsessed as I am will be surprised at their daily face rate. Obviously my products change almost daily so this is just an estimate but it is still interesting to know I think. If you want to see my skincare routine, everyday make-up look or more going out make-up tutorials be sure to check out my YouTube channel and relevant posts.

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