I ♥ Appleyard Flowers

I ♥ Appleyard Flowers

I did a post earlier this year on Appleyard flowers and here I am back again with another gorgeous bouquet. Now if you’re a home maker or love flowers generally then you do not need an explanation on how important flowers are in the life of a blogger. Some of you however may be thinking, what’s the big deal they’re flowers. Now I think most women appreciate a beautiful bouquet every now and then (there doesn’t need to be a reason) flowers just bring life, colour and happiness.. For a blogger and YouTuber however, flowers are essential! I use flowers in almost all of my pictures of make-up as they just make better and more pretty pictures. I always try to make sure my YouTube videos have a nice bouquet in the background, again it just makes a prettier background and I know I’m not alone here as these are tips I picked up from other bloggers when I first started out.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed these flowers appearing in many of my pictures and on my blog too. So here they are, the Forget-Me-Not bouquet from Appleyard Flower Delivery service.

I ♥ Appleyard Flowers

I chose this bouquet because I usually go for tones of pink and blush and this time I wanted something a bit different, plus the hydrangeas caught my eye! I absolutely love hydrangeas, they are so pretty and I love the big heads. These tones of lilacs and blues with white really add a fresh look and the colours as you can see are so vibrant. These flowers were presented so well in a big box and then a small soiled container to keep the flowers fresh whilst travelling to your front door. They lasted well over a week and I have now dried the hydrangea heads in preparation for Christmas wreaths, yes that’s right!

I do have a gift for all my readers, a discount code which allows you to get 33% off Appleyard flowers. You can use the code BLOG33 and don’t forget you can send flowers to yourself, anyone you want or simply shove the code under someone’s nose to get the flowers for you. They do a Next Day Flowers delivery service to which is fabulous ♥

(please note that this code cannot be used on the Flowers by Post range)

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