My Introduction to the CACI Microlift

The CACI Microlift is one of the best kept beauty secrets…until now! It is a small hand-held device which firms, tones and lifts your skin, studies have shown that in just four weeks the skin is firmed up to 38%.

My Introduction to the CACI Microlift

Recently, I have been treating myself (and my mum) to the CACI facials at home, which are so easy to do and takes just ten minutes. Emitting low frequency current impulses into your skin which work actively with your own body’s electrical field, meaning there is no discomfort or pain. Start off with a treatment plan (ideally in conjunction with CACI salon treatments) three times a week for the first month and then twice a week as time goes on. Here is my video introduction to the *CACI Microlift ♥

As well as toning and firming my skin, I have noticed that the general appearance of my skin seems a lot brighter and radiant. I remove all my make-up and cleanse my skin before using the device and then finish off by applying a thin layer of the *CACI Amno-lift peptide, leaving overnight to work its magic. I love that the serum filled cotton buds can be changed so you are not spreading bacteria and dirt from the last treatment, it also means you can use one device and share with your mum and sisters (sharing is caring after all!)

So far I am seeing good results so will keep you updated ♥

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