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Today I have a special Guest Post, not beauty related but a subject close to my heart… parenting, reading to our little ones and sharing precious moments. I really hope you enjoy this post and benefit from it, I have used this service and think it is fabulous! Please comment below and share your thoughts ♥

Life in 2016 is busy!

No matter what our career path or family situation we can all feel like we work long hours, we have long commutes, or simply running a household and tidying up after the kids can all be exhausting.  Added with the fact that families now don’t live around the corner from each other it can make it hard when it comes to always being there for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews….and making sure you don’t miss out on those moments that can often be taken for granted.

Of course social media is amazing (sometimes) and it allows us to connect with our loved ones from anywhere in the world, but think about your children and their relationships with the important people in their lives.  Their grandparents, Dad’s, Mum’s, Aunts, Uncles – the list could be endless – does everyone live just around the corner and get to see and be part of your little person’s life like you?

We sometimes need to remember how much our children dote on these relationships, however sparse or far away that person is.

Also, with only 1 in 3 parents reading stories to their children at bedtime, isn’t it time we got more people involved with the bedtime routine and bring back the love of books and reading?

Read me a Story is a new website that understands that just because you can’t always be there, doesn’t mean you can’t read them their favourite bedtime story.  The website has been created to enable you to record yourself reading a story from a selection of age appropriate books, your face and the story book then appear on the screen simultaneously.

No this isn’t like Skype or you recording off your own phone.  Skype is time sensitive, and both people can’t see the book they are reading. Readmeastory recordings arrive like a gift in the inbox, and children can turn the pages and go to their favourite parts and watch them being read over and over again.

We want to make things simple and because this is a recording, it can be played over and over again, used as a keepsake and different time zones become a thing of the past – they can still have their story read by their favourite person at their bedtime!

Plus it’s really easy to use! Simply visit the site, choose a book and we use your webcam to record you and the book, while you read the book out aloud.  The recording can then be played back and once everyone is happy with the outcome, it can be emailed to the person of your choice.

Hearing that person’s voice is important for any child as it can act as a comforter, but being able to see that person at the top of the screen reading their favourite story is the real highlight.

Life in 2016 is busy!

Read me a Story is helping to bring families closer together for story time, no matter where they may be in the world.

Let’s bring back children’s love of reading – whether you’re still a bus worker, travel all of the time, live abroad, on holiday, in the Armed Forces or a divorced parent – don’t feel the guilt of not being there for that special person in your life, send them a unique gift just for them.

Hearing your voice and seeing your face is what makes everything much more special (there’s also the added benefit of learning to read and communicate too – but we’ll keep that between the grown-ups!)

Special Offer

If you like the sound of Read me a Story and would like to try the service out, we’re currently running a pricing band online – so you can choose the price you want to pay!  We’re using this as feedback before we fix our prices so this offer will be for a limited time only.

Simply click on the site readmeastory and set up your account, select your story from the Book Shelf, configure your webcam and mic and hit record.

You can even add a personal message before you begin to read and then you just read the story from the screen as you would a book. Once you are done you can watch the story back to check you’re happy with it, head to the checkout, pay and then send the link for the video to the recipients email. It really is that simple.

Let’s help everyone be part of the bedtime routine, not matter where in the world you are.

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