Local Baby Style – The Organic Trend

We all recycle and go green where possible to lower our carbon footprint. At a time when Greenpeace are launching a fashion editorial in order for labels to ‘detox’ their supply chain process and high street chain H&M will be rewarding customers with store vouchers for handing in unwanted clothes, it seems that going green is an emerging trend in Fashion.

Cute bunny backs - Stella McCartney Winter range
Cute bunny backs – Stella McCartney Winter range

Much like fashion designer Stella McCartney, who recently won two awards at The British Fashion Awards (Designer and Brand of the Year) I am also a lifelong vegetarian. I do however wear leather and fake fur so maybe I am not as dedicated as she is! An ongoing trend across Europe, amongst young parents is Organic Baby Clothing. Like many parents, healthy food, comfort and the highest quality of clothing and accessories for my little one, is always at the forefront of my mind. As well as organic food and skincare, organic clothing is also a better option for an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Frugi SS13 Image 3
Frugi Spring/Summer 2013

Organic clothing is soft to touch and does not irritate your baby’s skin as it is all made from natural fibres. Most importantly, the clothes are durable and can be washed over and over again and still remain soft as ever. So even if their lunch from Daisy’s in the park is on them it’s ok to pioneer ahead with baby led weaning.  Frugi, describe themselves as ‘scrumptious organic clothes’ and they are just that.

Scarlet & Jones personalised sleepsuit
Scarlet & Jones personalised sleepsuit

Little Willows on Pinner High Street have a selection of the adorable Frugi range in-store.  Most of the Frugi designs are two-way so they are even more durable and all their creations have a cute and fun element to them. Scarlet and Jones In Pinner, also offer a range of organic sleepsuits, which if you ask nicely you can add your own personal touch to.

So our little trendsetters can look cute and stylish whilst being comfortable and reducing our carbon footprint; setting the right precedent for the life our children will lead.

Green is definitely the new black.

An edited version of this article can be seen in the January issue of Your Pinner News  which is out this Friday. Secret Style file will now feature in this monthly magazine looking at Fashion and Style in Pinner ♥

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