New Resveratrol Skincare Range Review ♥

I’m just going to go straight in with the good news, wine is good for you and what’s even better is that wine is good for your skin. Now before you all start reaching for the bottle let me just introduce you to a brand new skincare range, Reveratrol.

New Resveratrol Skincare Range Review

Reveratrol is made from a key ingredient which is found in the skin of red grapes, this retains moisture to the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity which basically means less wrinkles…whoop! I have been trying out the new 3-step for a couple of weeks, when I first opened the package I was not immediately drawn to the packaging it isn’t luxurious or serious skincare looking. The product itself is a different story, starting with the Resveratrol Lotion which is a hydrating toner. It is a lightweight solution which absorbs into the skin quickly and feels soothing on the skin. The Resveratrol Essence is a gorgeous serum like skin booster, it is supposed to be used before the Resveratrol Cream which has a rich creamy texture. In the summer months I feel that using these two products together is a bit too much especially as I would then add an SPF on top. During the winter months however I can imagine this being extremely hydrating and moisturising for the skin. I think it is also a lovely combination to use at night and then waking up to plumped skin with no dry patches in sight.

This range is completely fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. If you love wine give it a go and if you’re not a huge fan of wine like me, you may change your mind after trying this range ♥

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