NEW SEVENTEEN Long Lash Review ♥


NEW SEVENTEEN Long Lash Review ♥

After the amazing SEVENTEEN HD Falsifeye mascara I wouldn’t want to be a new SEVENTEEN mascara to launch, I mean it has so much to live up to. Saying that when I heard there was a new mascara from SEVENTEEN I was very excited as I knew instantly it would be great!

The new SEVENTEEN Long Lash mascara claims not to flake or smudge which I find is quite common with a lot of drugstore mascaras. Obviously it also gives you long lashes so I put it to the test. Before anything else, I do like the packaging, it is not luxury looking but true to the SEVENTEEN brand. It looks trendy and stylish, simple black with a big white font, it’s understated but classic.

NEW SEVENTEEN Long Lash Review ♥

I always say that mascara is all about the shape of the wand for me and because I tend to go for volume over length I prefer a big brush wand. However, big brushes sometimes miss the smaller fine hairs so you do not always get the volume you are trying to achieve. The wand for this new SEVENTEEN Long Lash is small but effective, it gets right into the corners of your eyes and captures all the tiny hairs to really lengthen them and give you long lashes. The smaller wand also means you can coat your bottom lashes perfectly, really opening up your eyes and giving you the ultimate flutter. The trick is to start right from the lash root and be sure to coat your lashes right to the tip for maximum effect. With just one coat of this mascara your lashes look longer and fuller.

I have been using the new SEVENTEEN Long Lash for just over a week now and I was instantly impressed at how long my eyelashes look. It lasts all day and does not flake off or smudge at all. If want to add more than one coat it is buildable and does not clump at all. The new SEVENTEEN Long Lash mascara definitely gets my vote and for just £6.99 it is also a bargain. Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think and comment below ♥


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