Pregnancy Style ❤

Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian all looking glamorous during pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing gift and an amazing time, however constant changes to your body and a growing waistline along with your favourite bodycon dress no longer being able to get past your knees can leave you feeling slightly less glamorous than usual. Being pregnant is still a glamorous time and as we all know if you look good you feel good. The best way to update your wardrobe is to make it more maternity friendly with a great sense of style. Whether your style is rock chic, boho, vintage classic or just straight out glam just follow these simple tips and you can effortlessly work your way to being a yummy mummy.
Topshop and ASOS have a great range of maternity denim which actually does fit great and last throughout your pregnancy. They both take their best-selling styles and change the waist band so the fit really is exactly the same…plus they are great for when you’ve just had the baby so you can tell everyone you’re back into your skinny jeans ❤
•Leggings, great for creating the leggings, oversized vest, blazer and scarf combo aka the Victoria Beckham look (minus the high heels..tut tut). Whether they are printed, coloured or leather look you can create some great outfits that will look like you have just stepped off the maternity catwalk.
•Layering is one of the best looks in maternity plus it’s comfortable and handy with hot flushes (happens to us all). For me, even in the midst of winter I would get too hot in full on jumpers so I would wear loose knits and layer up with a boyfriend cardi or a chunky blanket cardi (some great ones on ASOS)
•Button through tops and blouses look great and are a real god send for breastfeeding once you have the baby (you will need easy access!). Seraphine, ASOS and Crave maternity have a really shic selection of button through tops.
•Jackets and Blazers are great for layering and can smarten up any outfit. It’s a favourite look for most celebs and the best bit is your iconic black blazer or leather jacket will still fit you
•Try to wear loose-fitting clothes and underwear that doesn’t cut into your skin. Your bump needs room to grow and you need to be comfortable in natural fabrics that won’t irritate your sensitive skin. Gap maternity has some great maternity styles and dresses that will compliment your style and work wardrobe.
•Lastly, it hurts me to say this ladies but…lose the heels. I know they look good and there are so many gorgeous heeled shoes out there and yes, Carrie Bradshaw would just gasp at reading this BUT it is best for you, your back and most importantly your baby. Having a growing bump is a huge strain on your back and adding heels to the equation is a definite no no. Wearing heels is also not good for the position of your baby as our back tilts slightly when your wear heels.

We will look for some lovely flats together ❤

Nicole Richie, Stella McCartney and Reese Witherspoon all showing us how layering is done. Kourtney Kardashian and Beyonce wearing flattering maternity styles.

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