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‘Buy with judgement, wear with intention’ wise words by journalist Eric Pritchard in 1902.  It happens to us all, impulse buys that you simply cannot live without at the time but two years on, it is unworn still with the original tags hanging in your wardrobe.  You look at the price tag, oh yes it was 40% off so that makes it ok and it goes back in the wardrobe with no hope of being worn.

It may seem a bit early to start thinking about sale shopping, which for many of us in Pinner, London and all over the country is one of the major shopping events of the year, but with the economic downturn (this term seems so last year!) many retailers are having to markdown earlier.  So before you brave the shops let us go through a few simple style rules and get you in the right mindset.


Firstly, before you start, take a look at your current wardrobe.  Remind yourself of the impulse buys from last year and any gaps in your wardrobe, there’s no point having 6 pencil skirts with not one decent top to team up with. Or even ten maxi dresses but no winter coat…we live in England, you’ll get more wear out of a winter coat than a maxi dress! Sales are a great time for stocking up on classic staple wardrobe pieces such as a white shirt, a coat, a great pair of jeans, a suit for work, the perfect party dress and the list goes on.  These are items you will need throughout most of the year and don’t always have to follow the latest trend (although it hurts me to say it).

could be a while before he grows into these...
could be a while before he grows into these…

Don’t compromise on size (many fall into this trap), you’ve found exactly what you want but it’s in the wrong size…walk away.  This rule changes slightly when shopping for your kids, they will grow into it but still bear in mind what season you are buying for. That coat may fit her in 6 months but will she really need it in June?  Finally, remember your budget.  Even if something is 50% off the original price tag of £400 can you really afford it? Most importantly, always stay true to your own style; it is there so embrace it.

In the wise words of Marc Jacobs, ‘Fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a whim. You don’t need it. You want it.’ ♥

An edited version of this article can be seen in the December issue of Your Pinner News  which is out this Friday. Secret Style file will now feature in this monthly magazine looking at Fashion and Style in Pinner ♥

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