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Secret Style's Ultimate Style Guide ♥ Forever Glam

As a shopping addict I love style and trend tips by season, it’s what I love to write and blog about (as well as beauty!) I’m always on the look out for the next trend and the newest styles but without effortlessly glamorous style and sophistication it means nothing. So here are the long-awaited style tips for ultimate style guide for all year round. This is the must have the list for all stylistas, a few of my style secrets and fashion tips I have gathered over time ♥

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ – Yves Saint Laurent

So in no particular order at all, sit back and enjoy my style guide…

1. Don’t show too much skin at once, the real sexy is knowing what to bare and what to keep hidden. Choose one body part you want to show off and keep the rest under wraps.

Bright Pop Accessories

2. If the colour spectrum of your wardrobe goes from white to black with shades of grey in between, use bright coloured accessories to brighten up your style and add some actual colour.

3. The secret for firm fitting but still soft is 95% cotton, 5% lycra spandex, for jeans to hold their shape they need at least 2% lycra.

4. Speaking of jeans, when in doubt always go a size smaller. Jeans will always stretch and a baggy butt is not a good look (unless intended of course)

Secret Style's Ultimate Style Guide ♥ Forever Glam

5. ‘A scarf is to a woman what a necktie is to a man, and the way you tie it is part of your personality.’ Christian Dior, 1954. Instantly able to transform the simplest of outfits such as a jeans and white t-shirt combo, keep one in your handbag and definitely your carry on when travelling.

6. An animal print scarf is a must. Simple. In fact animal print accessories in general are my must-haves, they are timeless, always glamorous and sexy enough. Own something leopard print ♥

7. Every angle matters, with that said make sure you always check the rear view before leaving the house…you will thank me

8. Can’t decide which necklace to wear? Layer them up, layer on the pearls or pearls with edgy chains, Coco Chanel would be so proud that her more is more approach is still being taken on today.

9. Nude pumps will match any outfit, they are always your safe bet. Match them to your skin-tone and they will make your legs look longer too (Lara by Carvela…yes please!)

Secret Style's Ultimate Style Guide ♥ Forever Glam

10. This style pump is always the most flattering and my favourite shoe type, it will always slim down wide ankles and flatter your legs.

11. Update cheap jackets by swapping the buttons, no one will never know it cost you less than your lunch money!

12. If you find something in Topshop or H&M that you love and it’s marked down GET IT!! You will never find it again if you don’t scoop it up now (speaking from experience!)

13. Badly fitting clothes are the worst so is missing out on that perfect dress just because the hem could be taken up and you don’t know how. Make friends with a good tailor, mine shortens straps, takes in clothes that I have bought a size too big in the sale, changes buttons (point 11) and transforms old dresses into fabulous new skirts! BFF ♥

14. Leggings with loose-fitting top, flared skirt with tight top, bodycon dress with oversized coat… team snug fitting clothes with loose-fitting clothes. Top to toe baggy is not a good look…generally

15. Invest in well fitted t-shirt bra, your breasts will thank you giving you confidence and better posture all round.

16. If in doubt, wear black. ‘Women think of every colour, except the absence of colours. I have said that black had everything. White too. They have an absolute beauty. It is perfect harmony.’ Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel

17. You don’t have to follow every trend, style will always withstand any trend.

18. If the colour of the season just isn’t you, wear it in a print or as an accessory.

Secret Style's Ultimate Style Guide ♥ Forever Glam

19. Have a wardrobe clear out every year at least, if you haven’t worn it in the past two years chances are you won’t wear it again, say goodbye (exceptions to maternity clothes if you are planning to have another and your wedding dress of course!)

20. If you have a certain style top, dress, skirt you love it’s ok to buy the same style in other colours and prints. If it works…

21. Always read the care instructions when buying clothes, cottons are easy to wash and wear but if you are not going to hand wash or dry clean delicate fabrics then walk away.

22. Before buying a new item of clothing, think of three items in your existing wardrobe you can wear it with (accessories can be  included!)

23. When wearing white, nude underwear is usually the safest option. Always remember to check how sheer the fabric is in daylight first…speaking from experience!

24. One statement accessory at a time otherwise it’s not really making a statement

25. If it’s Winter, fold away your summer clothes and if it’s Summer fold away your chunky knits. Clothes need to breathe, if your wardrobe it overflowing chances are you won’t see everything in it and if you don’t see it, you won’t remember to wear it!

Every stylista should own…

Celeb Style1

26. A plain white vest, t-shirt, tank top or two, even four is acceptable. Pair with jeans, a statement skirt,under a blazer, it’s a timeless piece that looks good on everyone. Just know which style suits you best.

27. The perfect pair of jeans, jeans are not just for the weekends pair them with a killer pair of heels and your instantly glamorous.

28. A go-to jacket, be it a blazer, leather jacket or tweed, invest in an easy throw on piece for you which makes you feel yourself in seconds.

29. As well as your must-have accessories, the scarf and something leopard print, a big pair of sunglasses ooze glamour like nothing else.

Have your own style emergency kit…

30. Fashion tape, dress tape or just simple double-sided tape to fix up those gaping necklines and keep low-cut tops in place and not leaving you exposed.

31. A bra clip to control your bra straps from showing you up

32. Safety pins…a universal damage controlling device

33. A magic sponge (god send) to remove those unsightly deodorant stains on your perfect outfit

34. A lint roller to run over any items of clothing that love to catch fluff

Above all else…

Secret Style's Ultimate Style Guide ♥ Forever Glam

35. A smile goes a long way, a smile is contagious and will give you all the confidence you need, that is the best style tip I can give you…just smile ♥

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