Selfridges Launch a new Denim Studio

Denim has been one of the world’s most popular and iconic fabrics for decades. It began as a workman’s fabric but now denim is a true fashion statement. We all love our denim pieces and everyone has been through that ‘trying to find the perfect jeans,’ lucky for us Selfridges is ready to change our denim lives ♥

Selfridges Launch a new Denim Studio

Selfridges have just launched the ‘world’s biggest and most comprehensive dedicated denim department.’ The Selfridges new Denim Studio features over 11,000 pairs of jeans priced from £11 to £11,000, from printed denim to skinny jeans all from over 60 brands. The denim space houses heritage denim brands such as Levi’s, new urban brands such as Hudson and Paige and J Brand, then there’s even a Primark pop-up area complete with a self-service checkout system. The area offers the perfect mix of brands, Primark covers the high street and at the other end of the spectrum ready-to-wear designer brands include; Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham. There is also new and exclusive UK brands added to the mix with names such as The Laundry Room, 3×1 Scott Morrison, A.N.D, Bleulab and Tripp NYC.

Model wear 3x1 Scott Morrison (Selfridges exclusive) From left to right - BLK DNM, Tripp, Paige and A.N.D (Selfridges exclusive)
Model wears 3×1 Scott Morrison (Selfridges exclusive) From left to right – BLK DNM, Tripp, Paige and A.N.D (Selfridges exclusive)

J Brand launched their exclusive flagship boutique offering their ready-to-wear and denim collections in a brand new and luxurious denim-lifestyle destination. The Little Black Jean collection has also been exclusively designed to celebrate the launch of their new flagship boutique.

The whole denim area is embellished by The Fit Studio made up of 18 classy fitting rooms and the first ever Personal Shopping suite dedicated to denim. A digital ‘jeanius bar’ in the centre of the space acts as a ‘social space’ with lookbooks and brand biographies, encouraging women to share their shopping experience in a lounge area. The absolute icing on the cake for me is the Denim Tailorpromising to have perfect fitting jeans altered and back to you with two hours! Amazing ♥

As if denim couldn’t get any bigger this Summer, from the 24th of June denim will take over Selfridges with a Denim Lovers event for two months ♥

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