Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review

Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review + GIVEAWAY

Without even being a beauty expert most people know that Hyaluronic acid is amazing! It is all the rage and everyone should be using products with Hyaluronic acid in them. It is actually naturally active in our skin for tissue repair and hydration. Meaning it plays a huge part for anti-ageing, keeping the skin wrinkle free (or aiming to anyway!) In the recent years many women have been going in for hyaluronic acid filler injections to keep their skin youthful. However, this is a painful process often leaving the skin quite bruised for days.

‘Hyaluronic acid is a sugar produced by the body to keep tissues cushioned and lubricated. It’s found in the skin, joint fluid and connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid levels decrease over time with ageing, smoking and unhealthy eating habits. Hyaluronic acid absorbs water and plumps up skin. When used as an ingredient in moisturisers, it helps skin to repair and regenerate in response to dryness, environmental stresses or irritation.’ – taken from the book Younger, The Breakthrough Anti-ageing Method for Radiant Skin by Harold Lancer, MD

Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review + GIVEAWAY

Skinova have developed these new Hyaluronic Patches which are made up of French hyaluronic acid and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to moisturise, lift and rejuvenate the skin… wait for it. All while you sleep in the comfort of your own home. These are completely pain-free and comfortable to wear at night. I have noticed a difference over the past month I have been using them, 2-3 times a week. My under eye area looks relatively plumped, after a couple of weeks of not using the patches though your skin does go back to normal (not worse) so weekly maintenance is advised. The patches themselves are perfectly comfortable to sleep in, but your skin does need to be completely dry otherwise the patches will not stick. In the morning you need to be very gentle pulling them off as they are very sticky and you do not want to pull your skin too much especially as we are dealing with the delicate under eye area here.

Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review + GIVEAWAY

Can we also just take a moment to admire the packaging, I mean normally I would not consider giving eye patches as gifts but this is such a well presented box and is just so pretty.

Skinova is a brand developed and approved by top dermatologists and I would highly recommend taking a look at their other products. If you fancy winning a set of eye patches to plump your skin, click on the link below. Offer ends on the 6th of June and a winner will be picked at random so be sure to enter on time – closed

Skinova Acropass patch #11

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Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review + GIVEAWAY

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