Top 5 Trends for Spring Summer 2014

We might be in the midst of Winter, the frosty mornings, wondering whether it’s appropriate to wear UGG boots with your entire winter wardrobe, but with so many exciting new trends it’s time to look forward to the season ahead. Summer style, spring trends and brand new collections in stores. Here are my top 5 trends for Spring Summer 2014 ♥

Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

International Prints

Geometric prints from all over the world, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America have inspired designers such as Celine, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Valentino this season. Think African safari and tribal prints with aztec prints and fringing. This trend goes hand in hand with feeling empowered. This season it is all about wearing clothes that make a statement, inspired by Masai warriors, street art and Japanese influences.

Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

Artistic Strokes

Art has been a huge influence for Spring, weather it’s hand drawn prints, brush strokes as seen on the Celine catwalk, vintage portraits like Prada or applique and pop art. Think bold Pantone palettes, graffiti and designers such as Chanel, Dior and Versace going back to basics and using fashion as a form of art.

 Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

Pretty Pretty

Artistic strokes can either be bold or pretty and Spring is definitely the time to think pretty. Pastel shades, arty florals and sugar-coated fabrics with crafted finishes by designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Jonathan Saunders, Dolce & Gabbana and Preen. Stella McCartney chose lace fabrics to create pretty dresses with a sexy edge whilst Jean Paul Gaultier went for full on tutu style skirts…love! Drew Barrymore showed us how easy it is to wear this trend on the red carpet (with a baby bump!) at the Golden Globes.

Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

Sports Luxe

This is not the usual sporty look, it’s about using silks, leather and mesh as seen on the Gucci catwalk for sport shorts, evening wear or jackets with a baseball jacket finish a la Stella McCartney or wearing floaty dresses made from sporting fabrics like DKNY. Wear leather skirts with sweatshirts and embellished sports shorts on a night out, the rule for this trend is to mix it up and make it glamorous but always wear with heels!

Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

Summer Shimmer

If you’re wearing sportswear fabrics for the evening, during the day it’s all about summertime shimmer and metallics. Think about sparkle before the sun goes down in silks like Dior, brocade as seen by Roberto Cavalli, chain mail a la Oscar De La Renta and foil fabrics used by Lanvin and Diane Von Furstenburg. This was a trend that was embraced at the Golden Globes by celebs such as Kate Beckinsale and Mila Kunis.

Spring Summer 2014 Trend Round Up

As with every season this season there are a few Spring Summer wardrobe essentials including the statement dress and all new t-shape tunic. Look out for my post on the Spring Summer wardrobe essentials 2014 ♥

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