Stars love to wear Dior ♥

To celebrate the collaboration of Dior takes over Harrods which starts this weekend at the Knightsbridge store, I decided to take a look at how much the stars actually love to wear Dior after watching the J’Adore commerical over and over…and over.

Christian Dior himself had a love for films and the fashion involved in this industry, he loved to dress stars such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlene Dietrich who are known as the some of the most glamorous 50s style icons. Dior designs have been featured many Hollywood movies over the years and is now an iconic global brand.

Now, to put together whole gallery of Stars wearing Dior, it would simply be too big, full scale exhibitions and a book have been put together to showcase such galleries. So here is a pick of some of the best and most iconic images of celebrities wearing Dior ♥

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