Anti-ageing Rituals uncovered ♥

As I’m now officially in my late 30s I thought I’d share with you some anti ageing rituals. People are always asking me about the secrets to anti-ageing, how to look young forever and how to age gracefully. To be honest, a lot of it comes down to a healthy lifestyle and good genes but there […]

The NEWA Anti-Ageing Beauty Tool ♥

So many people ask me about anti ageing products and today I would like to introduce the Newa which claims to rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles, leaving you with younger and more radiant looking skin. Firstly let’s talk about what collagen actually is. Collagen helps to replace dead skin cells, it is what gives our skin […]

Eye Revive with CACI ♥

Today on the blog it is all about eyes. Let’s talk dark circles, bags and wrinkles! This is probably of the most common questions I get asked and although I have a few favourites I like to recommend, I have something amazing to share with you all. I am a fan of the CACI Microlift […]

l’étoile infinie Argentum Face Oil ♥

A while back, I reviewed a wonder cream by Argentum, which had very unique packaging. Obviously I used every last bit of the cream and actually did not get around to buying it as I always have so many others to try. As face oils are all the rage right now or have been for a […]

Throwback Thursday with Time Bomb ♥

Anti-ageing is a topic I seem to cover quite a lot on the blog. I think once the 30s kick in women generally think about anti-ageing a lot more. When it comes to ageing, I always say prevention is better than cure therefore a good skincare routine is a must. So with that in mind, […]

The NEW CACI Synergy Facial

Last week I went along to the well-known and very popular beauty clinic in Soho, Seduire London to experience the all new CACI Synergy facial. As you know, I am a huge fan of the CACI microlift at home system and other CACI facials and of course I am always willing to try a new facial […]

Skinova Hyaluronic Patch Review

Without even being a beauty expert most people know that Hyaluronic acid is amazing! It is all the rage and everyone should be using products with Hyaluronic acid in them. It is actually naturally active in our skin for tissue repair and hydration. Meaning it plays a huge part for anti-ageing, keeping the skin wrinkle free […]

Foreo LUNA Review ♥

I have been trying out the Foreo Luna cleansing brush and love it! Mainly for the fact that it is easy to travel with as I don’t have to wait for the bristles to dry before packing it in my weekender but also because I do love a cleansing brush. This is a smoother than […]

New Resveratrol Skincare Range Review ♥

I’m just going to go straight in with the good news, wine is good for you and what’s even better is that wine is good for your skin. Now before you all start reaching for the bottle let me just introduce you to a brand new skincare range, Reveratrol. Reveratrol is made from a key […]

The Time Bomb has Landed ♥

With a new approach to skincare Time Bomb aims to stop the clock on your skin. This is a revolutionary 3-step system which will help to stop the signs of ageing. Starting with the Cleansing Cream, which is very mid but still removes all the dirt and make-up from your face. As it’s a cream, […]

Skinbreeze the Flight Skin Saviour ♥

As some of you may know I recently did some road and flight tripping around the West Coast US, which entailed five flights within the space of two weeks. Some people may love the idea of this and although I had an absolute blast, I don’t like flying. It’s not that I’m scared of flying, […]

The Tua Spa Review ♥

Ladies (and gents) do I have a treat for you! I know you all love my posts on skincare and most importantly anti-ageing so today I am sharing with you my new beauty secret as of the past month or so. Let me introduce you to the non-surgical deep cleansing and anti-ageing system, the Tua […]

CACI Salon Treatment ♥ Review

Dr Tracy Mountford is a top UK cosmetic doctor with great expert insight into celebrity beauty through from the fresh-faced 20-something starlets to the glamorous red carpet veterans. She has observed lots of interesting trends throughout this awards season including a ‘celebrity shift’ away from surgery towards more subtle anti-ageing measures, and a growing desire […]