Lottie London Brushes ♥

As you all probably know by now, I am a huge make-up brush addict! I use brushes for everything, I don’t like getting my hands dirty (must be the inner Princess in me) and I just love the finish a brush gives. I don’t exactly love washing make-up brushes but Baby A does, so it’s […]

Flawless with the Japonesque® Complexion Trio

I recently bought a new set of brushes, being a complete brush addict I just had to! My usual foundation brush started to shed a lot of hair and I was on the look out for a new favourite. I had heard a few people mention Japonesque® and then stumbled upon the brand one day walking […]

My Favourite 6 Brushes ♥

I may have mentioned a few times in my blog and videos that I am a total make-up brush addict! I don’t really like using my fingers to apply my make-up and just love trying out different brushes. My love for brushes inspired me to do a video on my favourite brushes, trying to narrow […]