The Best SMASHBOX Products ♥ Top 5 Favourites

So as you all know SMASHBOX is one of my favourite brands and I cannot wait to tell you the must-have products from the brand. These are the best Smashbox products that you just have to have! I hope you enjoy the video ♥ Related Posts & Videos Everyday Make-up Routine  Date Night Makeup Up  Highlight […]

Brent Cross Art of Style Event

You may have seen on my social media channels that I am very excited about an upcoming event at Brent Cross Shopping Centre. It is called the Art of Style event with live fashion shows, free makeovers and arty product displays. The event will be displayed as an art exhibition focussing on this season’s hottest […]

Smashbox Primer Collection ♥

Let’s talk about Smashbox primer. I am a strong believer of using primer, it is a top tip of mine. Using primer means that your makeup will last longer, it also a good barrier between your skin and makeup, what’s not to love about primer? Smashbox, a brand that you all know I love as […]

New Lipsticks from SMASHBOX ♥

I think Smashbox is a fabulous brand. A brand created by makeup artists who are working with the product all the time, they know what they are missing from their kit, what lasts, what works and so on. Also, photographers who see the finished look, how certain products work under the pressure of lighting. This […]

Smashbox Primer Oil Review ♥

  These days everyone seems to love a beauty oil, I am actually guilty of this myself. Being a huge fan already of the Smashbox Primer Water and the Smashbox BB Water, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the launch of the brand new Smashbox Primer Oil! The Smashbox Primer Oil gives […]

Smashbox Review ♥ Let’s Talk Brows

When it comes to brows I am quite understated, I do not like overdone brows and to be honest I don’t make a big deal about mine. Partly because I don’t feel like we really get on and also because I just like to keep my eyebrows looking natural. I do fill in my eyebrows […]

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Review ♥

I love make-up brands which are well thought out and made for make-up artists. Smashbox is one of these brands, ideas are created by make-up artists and photographers who work with products and models in the Smashbox studios, everyday. ‘In the studio, it all starts with skin. I love when models have a sheer, dewy […]

#DiscoverMore at Boots this Christmas ♥

I’m sorry if you think it’s too early to think about Christmas but it dawned on me this morning when looking at the calendar. We’re already in mid-October, I for one have a huge family wedding in three weeks so before I know it I’ll be 6 weeks away from Christmas and then in a […]

Smashbox Contour Trio Review ♥

For those of you who may not know, I am totally obsessed with contouring. Even if I am having a ‘no make-up, make-up day’ or doing a 5-minute make-up routine I still need a touch of contour. Needless to say if there is a new quick way to contour, bronze and highlight I am instantly […]

Smashbox ♥ Full Exposure VS Double Exposure Palette

When Smashbox first launched the Full Exposure Palette, I loved the look of it but I’ll admit I wasn’t rushing to buy it because I already had the Naked Palette and the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette so I thought I was done with neutral palettes. When I saw the Double Exposure palette I was […]

How much do you contribute to the Beauty and Hair Industry?

Apparently the average British woman spends £100,000 on cosmetics in a lifetime, meaning an estimated £7.1 billion was spent on UK beauty in 2014. Hands up if you feel like you should get an award for being such a big part of this figure! Estée Lauder brands are now targeting the British Asian community, who […]

Think Pink with Smashbox Lip Products

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am a complete lip product addict! I also have to have a matching lipliner for every lipstick! However, when I am travelling or rushing to do my make-up (like every morning) and my lip liner is blunt, which seems to happen only […]