The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway – closed

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

I have been dropping some big hints since the end of last week on this post and here it is! This month my blog turns three and to celebrate I have the three Naked Palettes to giveaway plus the newest addition which is the Smokey Palette.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

I know you want to get to the giveaway part, but let us just take a few moments to admire these gorgeous palettes. All four of them.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

The original Naked palette set the tone for all neutral palettes, if you do not own this yet you definitely need to.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

This palette has been well thought out, presented with a double ended brush and the perfect mix of matte and shimmer neutral shades including an ultra black. I’m not crazy about the packaging but it’s what inside that counts for this palette at least.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

When the Naked 2 palette launched, it was like ‘how can you possibly top the Naked palette‘ and it didn’t but simply and somehow complimented it so well that you needed both. I don’t actually own the Naked 2 palette but love the mix of neutral tones with cooler undertones.The packaging also improved vastly in my opinion.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

Then once again there was another launch, this time Urban Decay launched the Naked 3 palette with pink undertoned sparkle and neutrals, so pretty (and still remains one of my most popular posts on my blog!)

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

Still offering something quite different to the other two palettes so you need all three now!

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

Just a few months ago we saw the launch of the Naked Smokey Eye palette, now I am cannot decide which is my favourite this or the original. I definitely think this palette’s packaging tops the rest of them and is the perfect design for a smokey eye palette.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

The brush isn’t an after thought either, on one end you have a tapered blending brush which is essential for a smokey eye and on the other end you have a pencil brush which again is essential for creating a smokey eye look.

The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway

I think the bar has now been set exceptionally high for the Naked palettes, what can they possibly launch to top these palettes? As you can tell, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of them! So now we have seen all four palettes in detail and close up, who is up for a birthday giveaway?

As I said I have all four Naked palettes in a giveaway for one very lucky winner! All you need to do is subscribe to my blog which you can do here and then comment below to say which is your favourite. It really is as simple as that!

To Enter

  1. Please sign up to the blog here, if you are not signed up you will not be entered into the draw (I will be checking the subscriber list and this step is mandatory)
  2. Comment below and tell us your favourite palette (if you win, you will still receive all four don’t worry.) Please ensure the name on your comment and the name you sign up with match,
  3. All entries must be in by 6pm on the 18th of November 2015 and a winner will be announced on the 20th of November.
  4. The winner will be picked at random and will be contacted by email and announced via social media.
  5. Good Luck!

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This giveaway is now closed

210 thoughts on “The NAKED Palettes ♥ Birthday Giveaway – closed

  1. Congratulations on your Blog B’day x And thankyou for such an amazing generous giveaway. I don’t have any of the palettes so it’s hard to say which is my favourite as I am sure I would love them all x

  2. Thank you so much for all your comments, in order to enter you must subscribe to the blog so please be sure to do that x

  3. Naked Smokey Eye palette is a must! I was planning on buying it and i had the lady at Sephora try one of them on me, i think it was Armor, not sure, but I really loved it. But sadly I couldn’t buy it for personal reasons…

  4. The original Naked Palette is my favourite 🙂 BTW, I cannot subscribe to your blog for some reason 🙁 I just get an error message

    1. Hi Ellen, I am sorry you are having trouble with this. It only seems to do this with your email address. Please try again in a couple of days or with another email address if you have one. If you still have trouble, please do let me know x

  5. I love the colour’s in Naked Palette 2 Great for the smoky eyed look. I have tried to subscribe but keep getting this message I would love to subscribe. (There was an error when subscribing. Please try again)

  6. I like the Naked palette original best though looking forward to trying the Smokey Eye palette

  7. The ordinal palette is my favorite. I’ve always wanted to try it cause a lot of my friends have used it

  8. Well, I already own and ADORE the original palette but the Smokey Eye really appeals. Heck, they’re all amazing!

  9. Wow, what an absolutely amazing give away!!! Looking at them I think my favourite palette would be the original Naked palette… the colours just look so luxurious! I’m honestly not sure though!
    Really loving your blog so far, can’t wait to read more 🙂 Cate xxx

  10. I think I love the original palette and have learnt how to make the most of it through your videos! Happy anniversary for the blog!! Thank you xxx

  11. Gorgeous giveaway, my fave is the original one as it is the only one i’ve tried but super desperate to try the others, especially the smoky one!

    Sophie x

  12. Hard to say which one’s my favorite considering I don’t have any of the palettes. But they all look gorgeous and I’d love to own any (if not all!!) of them! (I have subscribed). Thank you, and congratulations on your blog turning 3!

  13. I was given the first Naked palette by my Stepmum who didn’t like it! Can you believe it?! I wear it almost every day and absolutely love it. It’s the best palette I’ve ever owned.

  14. From looking at the pictures here, I would say my favorite is the Original Naked Palette because it has warm neutrals, which I enjoy the most. Thanks!

  15. Oh my so hard to choose there all lush, I love a pink tone though so I think Naked 3 would be my favorite for everyday eyes but the smokey pallet for nights out.

  16. oooh so difficult to choose but if I had to then it would be 3 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win them all!! WOW! x

  17. Its such a lovely blog. Thank god I’ve just subscribed.. Btw I really love Naked 3.. The colour is soo beautiful.. Still, I didn’t have one.. And hope it will be mine.. Thank you !! ??

  18. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday Princess…
    All look amazing but I have to say 2. Keep up the hard work xx

  19. I love the look of the Naked Smokey palette. Although the others are very useful, my current smokey routine is done with loose mineral makeup and it makes a MESS! So it would be handy to have a pressed palette!

  20. My favourite is the Original Naked one. Love the colour Virgin as a base layer to build up from xx

  21. Hi this is Ashley ! Wow that’s so exciting that your blog is turning 3 !!! I love the naked 3 bc I’m fare so rose colors are the best!! I have yet to try any bc it’s bit pricy for a college girl! I love watching your YouTube ! Keep it up !!

  22. Woahhhh they are all so beautiful! Its was hard to choose between the original Naked, the Naked 2 and the Smokey Eye palette, but eventually the Smokey Eye palette won me over. I adore the contrast between neutral and edgier colours, plus the packaging is an absolute dream! Happy third birthday to your blog!!! ?

  23. I love that your doing this giveaway! I personally don’t own any of them ? .. But I love the variety of colors between all 4 of them. ? Based of swatches and admiring them at Sephora, my favorite is the smokey pallet ??

  24. They’re all so lovely! From your pictures the naked 2 palette is my top favorite. Congrats on your blogiversary!!!

  25. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments! Just to remind everyone that you must be subscribed in order to enter the giveaway.
    thanks x

  26. I would love to win the naked 3 because I have tried all the other palettes but never got to own one, congratulations on your blogs bday!

  27. I can’t decide between Naked 2 and the smoky one….I think Naked 2 is probably more versatile so I’ll go for that one.

  28. It’s hard to pick between them, but I’d say my favourite is Naked 2!

    (subscribed to Secret Style File on YouTube as “Meesh N”)

  29. 🙂 my favorite palette is the Naked 2 palette! 🙂 I subscribed on YouTube too, k-pop Kraze. Also I signed up for this blog 😉

  30. I am in love with all four palettes but my favorite has to be the Naked Smoky Palette!
    Subscribed already!!

  31. my favorite one it’s the smokey palette, I think you have such a variety of basic colors but when you put them together they look stuning!

  32. All the naked Palettes are gorgeous !! It will just be a dream comming true if I win them <3
    But if i had to choose one it would be the Naked 2 !!
    PS thank you so much for giving to someone the chance to win these awesome Naked Palettes I really hope to win but good luck to everyone !!!

  33. I love your blog and channel, they are so professional and they should definitely stop being secret because you need some recognition!! Happy Birthday to your blog! And I’ve always liked the Naked 2 the most. Thank you for hosting this and I’all definitely stay subscribed to your channel and newsletter!

  34. Naked 2 is my favourite love every single colour and they go on and stay on so well!! can be used for day or night im a big fan!!

  35. My favorite is the Naked 2. I just went to a makeup class that the women said she was sponsored by Urban Decay and we were getting a free Naked 2 palette. Like an idiot I believed them. She’s really well known here and has been sponsored by other brands before. She does makeup for local celebrities in Puerto Rico, NY and Miami. Long story short I have a fake and it’s the worse eye shadow I’ve ever had. I’m so pissed I spend all my money on the class, I could have gotten myself 2 Naked palettes for the price. I think all the palettes look great but I’m drawn to the cooler tones in the Naked 2. Verve in particular I’d love to play with that shade. The swatches I’ve seen look either silver or more taupe depending on the lighting. It would be so pretty on the lids.

  36. I’ll give you a more informed response once I’ve had the opportunity to try out all of them, but based on my current experience, I stand by the original naked palette 🙂 Thanksfor such a superb giveaway, and happy birthday!

  37. I subscribed to the blog. I think Naked 1. It is classic and has everything for a good neutral look with the option of spicing it up with shimmer.

  38. My favourite palette is Naked 3 because of the natural tones and bright tone!! I could just wear it to school everyday!! ^^

  39. I’m still a big fan of the original Naked – There is not one colour that I don’t make use of
    and that makes it real value for money for me.

  40. Congratulations on your blogs bday!! 🙂
    I would have to say the Naked 3 is my favourite, I think it is so gorgeous and unique and I’ve never seen a palette like it!

  41. This is an incredible prize! I think the Naked 3 palette is probably my favourite with the pink undertones but I really love them all, such a beautiful selection of products.

  42. My favourite palette is the Naked 2! 🙂 I have the Naked 3 + Naked Basics, the three is really nice but mostly (for me) only spring and summery day events. I don’t even touch the Naked basics sadly.

    I’m super keen on trying the Naked Smoky!

  43. It would have to be the smokey palette! Especially with it being winter, I think I would use this one the most 🙂

  44. I really love the original palette mainly because my best friend says its definitely a must have. I know they’re all good though! Subscribed!

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