The Perfect Winter Wedding

Christmas is such a magical time of year and everyone seems to be in good spirits. Going to a wedding and seeing a beautiful bride beaming with joy and excitement is also an unforgettable experience and once again everyone seems to be in good spirits. Therefore, having a winter wedding is a perfect time to merge these two amazing celebrations together ♥

If you’re thinking about a winter wedding or wondering what time of year to have your wedding then consider Winter! All worries of will it be sunny on the day are gone, as you know it won’t be! You can have the most magnificent advantage of the dark skies of Winter by using twinkling candles, lanterns and fireworks. Metallic hues shimmer better in the winter dark. Traditional Christmas themed weddings follow festive colours such as ruby reds and greens, but a contemporary Christmas allows you to relish in deep purples, blues, metallic golds and explore all textures of white.

Generally, flowers are imperative to a wedding and this still stands in Winter however, pine cones, twigs, berries and cinnamon sticks can also bring in texture to your arrangements so you can afford to use less flowers. Instead of filling fish bowls and vases with floral displays, they could be filled simply with coloured baubles (for your chosen colour scheme) and pine cones. An instant unique centre piece with a touch of Christmas!

Names places can be a simple pine cone or bauble with a ribbon or miniature Christmas ornament. Wedding favours can be wrapped into miniature Christmas presents or even small Christmas crackers. All the festive touches can be incorporated into a Winter wedding without making it a trip to Lapland. Then again, if that is the look and feel you are going for please be sure to send me an invite! It is true, snow on Christmas makes it even more magical so don’t forget the artificial snow to mark your walk down the aisle and sprinkle around your venue just like star-dust.

Lets not forget the amazing images your wedding photographer can capture in the snow and nightlight. When else would you and your partner be in your best attire in the bright white snow and be able to capture that moment?

Finally, the all important Christmas tree or ten! Instead of a gift box, guests can leave gifts under a big Christmas tree at a prime spot in your venue. Table seating plans could hand from a wish tree as could messages for your guest book. Wish trees are becoming increasingly popular with weddings all year round. They create a breathtaking look when lined up on either side of your aisle. The all important Christmas tree can be any shape, colour and size you want, there are so many different styles available, but that’s for a separate article ♥

Here’s hoping for many  proposals this Christmas and New Year so planning for Winter Weddings in 2013 can get going ♥

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