The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event

Last week I was delighted to be invited to the Illamasqua press event for their new collection which launched exclusively at Selfridges on the 9th of August. Bringing truly professional make-up to the high street, Illamasqua empowers people to express their individuality.

The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event
Empowerment from one woman to another (Image: Illamasqua)

The creative director for Illamasqua, Alex Box believes that there are two pivotal times of the day; dawn and dusk. As we move through the day these are the spiritual hours that allow us to be empowered and reflect on our energy. Bringing make-up application back to your fingertips and allowing us to feel the delicate path of our bone structure, Illamasqua introduces The Sacred Hour collection. To read more about the collection, see my article for Ideal Magazine

The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event

The event at Selfridges was set up like a mystical and magical forest, with crystal rocks and spiritual stones scattered around the room. I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the collection, shades are buildable so they can be worn in subtle tones or built up to a more dramatic tone. If you follow me on instagram, you would have noticed I have been trying out products from the new collection all week!

I absolutely love the New Reflection palette, the texture is almost cream like with a shimmer finish but the end result is like a powder. Made up from the shades, ‘precipice’ which doubles up as a great highlighter, ‘acute’, ‘graphica’ and ‘dart’. The shades are easily blendable and require effortless application.

The collection introduces a new shade of lipstick called ‘Shard’ which has a beautiful purple undertone, perfect for achieving that ‘stained lips’ look. This was a popular shade amongst the crowd at the event including Alex Box herself!

The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event
The Sacred Hour Collection

When it comes to nails, my everyday look is generally a nude shade or pale pink. I tend to avoid metallic or two-tone shade but ‘Hemlock’ offers a nude metallic alternative. With a subtle iridescent shimmer that looks pink at certain angles, I cannot stop looking at my nails! It dried amazingly fast and apparently looks great as a top coat over darker shades so I will be trying that next!

The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event
The Spirit of Dawn (Image:Illamasqua)

The New Velvet Blusher is a fabulous cream to powder blusher with a matte finish, I was so glad to receive the colour ‘Peaked’ as it is a deeper shade than the ‘Sleek’ which was too light for my skin tone. ‘Peaked’ looks a lot darker in the palette than it does on your skin, giving you a lovely subtle glow.

The New Lush Lashes are feather like and add the perfect touch of glamour to a soft make-up look. I have been told that they are 3 sets of lashes in one pair but you would not believe how lightweight they feel, you have to try them for yourself.

The Sacred Hour ♥ Illamasqua Press Event

Finishing off the look, to give the perfect glow to your skin, David Horne, Director of Product Development was at hand to help pick the perfect skin base concealer shade. Illamasqua is also introducing a brightening and perfecting concealer, in a variety of seven shades. Perfect for colour correcting with a peachy undertone, brightening, highlighting and even contouring…I was amazed! I have been using my ‘deep 2’ since last week.

Before leaving the event, I was treated to a Crystal Healing session by Carly Grace who even let me pick my own amethyst rock. I felt truly connected to my spiritual being and empowered by the Illamasqua Press Event, watch the teaser below to feel the spirit yourself ♥

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