Tips for Dealing with Breakouts Fast ♥

Dealing with breakouts is tough and stressful! The Inkey List sent me some of their breakout busting products including the all new blemish treatment, Succinic Acid. (Disclaimer, if you are really struggling with breakouts and acne seek advice from a qualified dermatologist. I am sharing my experience and reviewing products as well as a routine that has worked well for me but may not necessarily work for everyone.)

Succinic Acid helps to clear blemishes fast and reduce inflammation around the area. It helps to unblock pores and prevent them from clogging again as well as reducing oil levels. Most blemish treatments work in the same way but dry out the skin so you’re left with flakey bits and a very angry breakout. The Inkey List’s Succinic Acid also contains 1% Salicylic acid which targets breakouts and exfoliates the skin but also it contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin. It is important to remember that skin should always feel hydrated which is different to oily or greasy. The Succinic Acid treatment can be worn overnight or under makeup and it is green in colour to counteract any redness. I was amazed at how quickly my breakouts disappeared! It doesn’t smell the best but as long as it’s doing the job I am fine with that!

So here are some tips and a brief routine (you know I love a routine!) to deal with breakouts fast.

  1. Cleanse – nothing new here! It is more important to cleanse now than ever as you need to remove any bacteria and dirt build up from the area. Foaming cleansers feel lovely and refreshing but can dry out the skin so just be careful there. If you have acne prone skin a Salicylic Acid cleanser would be good as it gently exfoliates the skin. I personally only use a Salicylic Acid cleanser when I am having breakouts or around the time of the month I know they are coming! Always cleanse for 60 seconds at least, meaning the cleanser stays on your skin while you massage it in for 60 seconds. You will notice such a difference!
  2. Hydrate with your best friend Hyaluronic acid, this can be used with other acids and can be used by all skin types! It works under the skin’s surface as a magnet for water which keeps your skin plumped, healthy looking and hydrated. It is best to use this on damp skin for it to work at its best. I use this everyday morning and evening!
  3. Active Ingredient – this is your serum, during breakout times I up the Niacinamide it works so well with Hyaluronic acid and reduces excess oil. It also helps to protect your skin from environmental pollution overtime and helps with your skin texture.
  4. Fight the blemish with your Succinic acid or targeted blemish treatment. However, once you see the results of the Succinic acid you won’t want to use anything else!
  5. Moisturise – with your favourite hydrating moisturiser. The Inkey List suggest a Multi Biotic moisturiser for blemish prone skin or if you’re skin is having a breakout moment. It’s lightweight and maintains the skin’s pH balance, it also helps to brighten your skin tone.
  6. SPF – as well as all the many benefits of wearing SPF once your breakouts have cleared, the SPF is what will help to make sure you are not left with dark marks that dull your skin after breakouts. Plus when you are using ingredients such as salicylic acid which can expose your pores they need protection from SPF!

This is a great routine twice a day, but in the evening you don’t need the SPF. For me this routine works really well and my breakouts are not around for long at all! I have talked about other ingredients and routines in other blog posts but this routine is for dealing with breakouts fast!

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