Top Sale Shopping Tips ♥

‘Fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a whim. You don’t need it. You want it.’ – Marc Jacobs

It’s that time of year again when all the shops are full with bargain hunters! Sale shopping is a great time to pick up some great pieces that are half price or less, but it can be very easy to get carried away with the excitement of the prices tags and before you know it you’ve spent more than double you would have for full price items and for a whole load of things you may never even wear.

Top Sale Shopping Tips ♥Whether you’re braving the shops or doing your sale shopping online, here a my top sale shopping tips to help you through the next couple of weeks.

  1. Before you start, take a good look at your current wardrobe. Think about gaps in your wardrobe, maybe you need a couple more skirts, have too many grey knits and not enough basic pieces for work.
  2. When looking at your wardrobe, remind yourself of impulse buys from last year. How many items still have the tags on that you haven’t even worn in the past year. You don’t want to make the same mistake again, even if it is 80% off!
  3. Following the latest trend is obviously great and something that you can’t stop a fashionista from doing, but if it’s an end of season sale you need to now think about the season ahead and what you can wear. Also think about classic pieces that don’t belong to a season as well as wardrobe staples such as jeans, a timeless coat, white shirts for work, the classic little black dress, black boots, blazers and so on.
  4. Don’t compromise on size, if you’re a size 12 and the dress you have found is a size 8 don’t buy it for when you lose weight, just don’t buy it. Also, don’t buy things in three sizes too big you will not feel comfortable in it. If you can’t find your size, it wasn’t meant to be and you will find something else.
  5. When buying for the kids, remember they do grow and fast so you need to think about seasons. It’s now winter, in six months it will be summer so there’s no point stocking up chunky knits for them to grow into in six months as they won’t need them. However, they may need basic t-shirts, a raincoat and fine knits.
  6. I know it’s hard but remember your budget, if you couldn’t afford that £400 coat when it was full price, you probably can’t afford the other coat that has now been marked down to £400. It’s hard not to go crazy and want to pick up all the bargains but you want to enjoy what you buy without the stress of being skint.
  7. Remember to read my style edits and check the Offers page for additional benefits and sale dates!

Enjoy ♥

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