Topshop Christmas Campaign

Christmas is well and truly here, the trees and lights are going up, the cold and frosty mornings, sleigh bells ringing (if you listen really carefully) and Topshop have predicted it’s going to be a White Christmas. Well, in their debut Christmas campaign anyway!

After the excitement of the Barneys Electric Holiday movie, which I still watch almost everyday, Topshop have their own short film for their Christmas campaign which features Kate Bosworth singing a wonderful Christmas song whilst standing on top of a grand piano. That’s not all though, towards the end of the song it magically starts to snow AND she is wearing (most importantly) a shimmering red dress created by the Topshop design team and Kate herself. Her whole look is available as a special made to order purchase including the make-up which is available online. The made to order purchase is available from February to celebrate the opening of the Topshop LA store opening ♥

Kate singing her christmas heart out in the Topshop short film
Kate singing her christmas heart out in the Topshop short film

Kate Bosworth loves Topshop and loves Fashion and along with her amazing voice she is just perfect for this short film, which has been directed by her fiance Michael Polish. The video will be shown on Topshop’s website, in all stores throughout the country and featured on billboards. They also have hopes for Christmas No 1 this year as the track is available to buy on itunes…imagine a Topshop Christmas No 1 ♥

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