Urban Decay Backtalk Palette ♥

Urban Decay Balktalk Palette
As the launch of the new Naked Cherry palette is imminent (squeals of excitement) I am still obsessing about the Urban Decay Backtalk palette. These pinky, rosey, mauve nude tones and shades are right up my street. I love that this palette is based on one of my favourite lipstick shades ever and my favourite from Urban Decay for sure, Backtalk. So as you can imagine when I saw there was a palette consisting of eyeshadows, blush and highlight all around a pinky nude shade I knew straight away it would be for me.
Urban Decay Balktalk Palette
I have raved about the Urban Decay Shape Shifter palette many times, I love the sleek and easy to travel with packaging. The Balktalk palette has very similar packaging, except it is actually lighter and the mirror slides out. The mirror also acts as a divider between the pigments. I am saying pigments because I have used the blush shades as eyeshadows too.
Urban Decay Balktalk Palette
True to Urban Decay the pigments are buttery soft and blend really well. They can also all be used wet or dry. True to my style, the most used shade in my Backtalk palette is of course WTF, a warm mid brown perfect to use in the crease and as a light contour shade. I also love the shade Attitude, a light cranberry shade with a hint of shimmer. For an everyday look my go-to seems to be to work WTF into my crease and pat Backtalk onto my lids. I am yet to create a full on look with this palette but it’s coming… I promise!
Urban Decay Balktalk Palette
My favourite highlight shade from the palette has to be Low-key, I love the hint of rose gold in this shade. I also love dabbing this shade to the centre of my lids.

 If you can’t get enough of nude pink tones with a hint of mauve like me then this is definitely the palette for you! Have you tried the Urban Decay Backtalk Palette? What are your thoughts? Please comment below and let me know. Please also be sure to follow me on Instagram (where most of my product review are now) and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog. Also be sure to subscribe to the blog here, so you are the first to know about new posts ♥
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