Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review ♥

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

For a while now the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation has been my go-to for nights out and special occasions. I love how how long lasting it is and how flawless my skin looks when I wear it. I am also totally obsessed with the Naked Skin weightless concealer again, due to how long-lasting it is but also how lightweight it is. It is my everyday go-to concealer which never fails me, along with the colour correctors. So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard about the launch of the brand new Urban Decay All Nighter concealer! It is just what I needed to add to my all nighter, naked skin collection!

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

The packaging is just like the foundation, which I love! It just looks so good and even though it looks like it would be weighty it is not at all. The application is just as the naked skin but I had read beforehand that this concealer has to be blended and worked with quickly otherwise it starts to set and won’t blend as well. I love the matte finish, just as the foundation. This concealer is serious about cover up, it conceals everything! It also lasts much longer than the naked skin and there is no need for the colour correctors either as it totally absorbs into the skin looking like your own. If you watch my YouTube videos, you will know I am not shy when it comes to slapping it on. I do the whole upside down triangle with strokes, blend it out and then build on top if I need to and then bake. This is the routine that works best for me. However with the All Nighter concealer a little goes a long way. I find dotting it on rather than strokes works best so you end up using less product and then blending with my fingers. With this concealer, the more product you use the more likely it is to look ‘caked’ and sit in your fine lines and pores. Use less product, blend it well before it sets and then leave it for that flawless skin look. The first time I used the All Nighter concealer I used it just as I used the naked skin concealer and even though it lasted well it did start to sit in my fine lines (under the eyes) but I have found using less product and using something like the Velvetizer to set it works well. However, you almost do not need to set it as it sets itself after a minute or so and has a great matte finish.

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

I am really loving this concealer, it works so well and covers so much with such a small amount of product. I love how it blurs out any skin imperfections and how matte it is. I still tend to use the naked skin concealer on a everyday basis as I do not need a full coverage concealer everyday but if I know I need something to last into the evening or even longer or for nights out the All Nighter concealer is my new go-to. It will definitely start appearing in a lot of my YouTube videos from now on that’s for sure.

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