Vichhy Idealia Skin Sleep Review ♥

Vichhy Idealia Skin Sleep Review ♥

There’s a real reason why sleep is referred to as beauty sleep, because when you are sleeping your skin regenerates itself, improving the skin’s barrier function. Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles, work and family commitments, we very rarely get eight hours sleep. Most of us are lucky to get 5-6 hours per night, leaving us extremely tired, irritable and can often cause breakouts on the skin (this is definitely true for me!)

Vichy’s new Idealia Skin Sleep is proven to stimulate the skin in a way that no matter how much sleep you have had or not had your skin will still get its beauty sleep. It’s perfect for new mums, those who work shifts and for those who are travelling across different time zones.

Vichhy Idealia Skin Sleep Review ♥

The product itself has a cooling but calming gel like texture and the scent for me smells like ‘bedtime’ as there are extracts of green tea and jasmine. In recent studies, 73% of women say they feel more relaxed after using this night cream for four weeks. I was so impressed with this night cream after just two nights so I took it away with me for my cousin’s wedding. Being a big family wedding with visitors from all over the world I knew the bride would not be getting much sleep. The excitement, last-minute planning and sometimes stress means a lot of brides do not get a lot of sleep in the last week or two running up to their wedding. As I was doing the hair and make-up for my cousin I wanted her skin to look and feel plump, hydrated and radiant. The first time she applied it she was so impressed, she loved the texture, the scent and how her skin felt in the morning. This ended up being the must-have demand product for the wedding! Mother of the bride, bridesmaids and of course myself, all who had lack of sleep but you would never know by looking at our skin ♥

The new Idealia Skin Sleep is £26.50 and available from Boots, perfect for the party season ahead!

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