YSL All in One Glow Review ♥

YSL All in One Glow Review
Recently I have been loving the YSL all in one glow and because I’ve been loving it so much I wanted to do the full review! I feel like this is a beauty secret that is just too good to a actually keep as a secret.
I love a lightweight formula which gives a gorgeous glow for my everyday wear. Saying that, even for special occasions that’s the two key things I look for, lightweight and gorgeous glow, very important. When I saw the adverts and my Instagram feed full of the new YSL all in one glow I knew it would be good! The ‘all in one’ part got be vote straight away. The foundation part held me back a bit as I generally don’t like wearing a foundation everyday, I prefer a tinted moisturiser or a B.B. cream.
YSL All in One Glow Review
After trying a sample and noticing how long the YSL all in one glow lasted on my face (we’re taking a good 15 hours here!) I went back to get the shade honey and my full sized version from Boots. I love the simple and very YSL chic packaging, I also love the pump for ease of use. Now this formula is quite creamy and blends very well and honestly a little goes a long way. The few times I used it I used a whole pump on my face and it was way too much! I now use half a pump for my entire face and that is the perfect amount. Of course the formula is buildable so if you feel like you need a little more coverage you can just build it up. I simply use my fingers to apply and blend, a brush picks up too much of the product as it is so lightweight. I then use a damp beauty blender and press all over my face just to help it set and work into my skin.
 YSL All in One Glow Review
Honey is actually my winter shade, in this British heatwave I am very tanned right now so I could easily go up a shade but instead I have been mixing in a liquid bronzer before applying the YSL all in one glow all over my face. It gives instant radiance and looks so natural. My skin looks glowy but not greasy and flawless but still natural. This has quickly become my everyday favourite. It is honestly so long lasting which is a huge factor for anything makeup related with me.
This is a fabulous launch from YSL beauty and I definitely recommend it for all you no makeup, makeup look lovers. Have you tried the YSL All in one Glow? What are your thoughts? Please be sure to follow me on Instagram (where most of my product review are now) and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog. Also be sure to subscribe to the blog here, so you are the first to know about new posts ♥
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